Drip Drop Mani

Inspired by @ohmygoshpolish and Cristine @simplynailogical I decided to try the Drip Drop Technique for this weeks manicure.

These came out better than I ever expected! I use all beautiful holos and wait until you see this in the sunlight!

What I used:

  • Vapid – CyberPunk
  • Superchic – Wake me up
  • ILNP
    • That Other Girl
    • Aria
    • ChitChat


I started by pulling out my Twinkled_t Glamour mat and started to drip and drop down colors, as they started to meld and create some movement I cycled through about 4 rounds of drops.

Then I lifted the mat and spread the polish to a more mixed look and waited an hour (approx). I actually cleaned my downstairs and then came back to my station.

Once I checked to make sure the polish was dry I peeled it off the mat and inspected for which areas I would use and cut the HUGE decal into nail size decals.

I used two different techniques to apply the decals, on my right hand I used one coat of a sheer polish to get the decal to stick, the result. It stuck properly, but in some areas created a bubble where the polish began to melt, so I had to work quickly. I would say do this if your decal has dried for over an hour and has hardened so much the layer of polish will soften it to make it pliable.

Right Hand


On my left hand I was able to apply the decal without additional polish (except for my middle finger because I wanted to move fast on the recording). I applied the decal by rubbing it on and trimming off the excess.

Left Hand

Then finally I applied a generous coat of SuperChic Marvel Quick Dry Top Coat.

Here it is in direct sunlight, OMG!:


Thanks for reading!





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