The Magic Show: ILNP The Magician

ILNP just released their Spring 2017 Collection and with it was a special limited edition polish called The Magician, it promises the legendary Unicorn Pee pigmentation within this lovely bottle to put on your nails!

So of course we all know it has it’s most potent shifty power when layered over black polish, so I wanted to explore what other colors would pair well with this magical cloak.

I rounded up 13 colors to see what hues we come up with. First I tried 10 colors, one hand with multiple “black” polishes and the other with Cremes and Shimmers of various colors.

Right Hand Before
Left Hand Before

I then added one coat of The Magician to every nail to keep us honest.

Left Hand After
Right Hand After

Some combinations worked better than others, every color had a new look to them, but the  magical shift of the unicorn pee, really preferred certain colors.

Here are the colors from the my Left hand.


Here are the colors from my Right hand.

So, you said 13 colors but that is only 10?!?!?!

Yes. So, the previous day I rushed home to play with the magician and I took great pictures, only to discover my media card had a magical trick of it’s own and disappeared!

After searching for it in my 3 yr olds favorite hiding spot, I lost all daylight and the ability to do before and after of these guys.

So here are the after shots.

After trying all of these colors and formulas here are my favorites in no particular order.

  • EP Sept 16
  • Julep Rooney
  • Julep Rayma
  • Julep Fleur
  • Julep Ilsa
  • Julep Isabela (with 2 coats of The Magician)
  • Moyou London Black Knight
  • ILNP The Boulevard
  • Julep Malory
  • ILNP Varsity Jacket

Thanks for Reading!






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