When I saw Glam Polish Case Full of Magical Creatures, I got all the way to the checkout and thought, I could buy this or I could try to recreate it… I went for the latter.

With so many polishes in my arsenal, why not try to try the recreation? I’m glad I did!

I borrowed images from Pretty Lush Nails and @polishlovesme


For my recreation I used the following:

  • ILNP BFFs a purple jelly holographic polish
  • Enchanted Polish Opals & Tutus a pink opalised glitter polish

I used the sandwich technique by alternating BFFs and O&T for a total of 4 thins coats then sealed them with Seche Vite quick dry top coat.


Although CFoMC is very much a Reddish berry purple, the recreation mimics it enough that it’s not a total dupe, but has a similar effect.

I think that if I would have sponged on the glitter and really packed it on the nail then covered it with BFFs I would have gotten a lot closer!


I am satisfied with my result and will likely try my hand at recreating more.

Now, I can’t EVER leave well enough alone, I decided to add some nail art!



Here I used Julep Brigitte to stamp a faux water marble over all this Jelly deliciousness!

Thanks for reading!