Framed Opal Nails

So I’ve been kind of obsessed with the Opal look, this is the second mani I’ve created as an opal finish. I’ve used the Opals and Tutus and today I finally used the Opals and Cream polish.


So here is what I used:

  • Enchanted Polish
    • Opals & Cream
    • Bathwater
  • Sinful Colors Black on Black
  • Julep Tazeen
  • Seche Vite & Vive
  • Unt Peel of Base coat

I started with 2 coats of Bathwater:


This Teal Holo is gorgeous in direct sunlight, I really thought twice about putting an opal coat over this…Decisions!


This is one coat of Opal & Cream, this has drastically changed the color of bathwater. I really like this! Looks like cotton candy, OMG!

I then speckled some areas with Tanzeen, I was looking for my gold foil, but apparently my Threenager decided to play in my nail station and bye bye gold foil!


So the frame, this is always the hardest part. I freehanded the frame and this was an exercise in patience. I really love the finished product, it almost looks like a comic effect.

I only framed my left hand, my other hand was more avant-garde


This is my other hand I kind of like this on it’s own too.

This is a great base for a galaxy manicure, I can’t stop looking down at my nails.

Thanks for Reading,



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