Enchanted Mermaid Nails

I loved my mermaid nails before, so this week I decided to create them with a different technique, I saw on Instagram by a blogger called @Nails_By_Quinnie. Stamping via Nail Vinyls! WHAT?!?!

Yes, the premise is using the left over design etchings on your nail vinyl sheet as a stencil to get a stamping design, mind blown! REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE!

So here is what I used to achieve this look:

  • Sally Hensen Hard as Nails – Base
  • Zoya Naked Manicure
    • Base
    • Lavender Perfector – Base
  • Enchanted Polish:
    • September 2015 – Powder Blue Holo
    • August 2015 – Purple Holo
  • Moyou London – Black Knight
  • Seche Vite Top Coat
  • Seche Vive Gel Top Coat
  • Julep Gold Foil
  • Bliss Kiss Simply Peel Latex Nail Barrier
  • Make up Sponge
  • Twinkled_t Mermaid Vinyls


I started with a coat of Zoya NM Base, a coat of Lavender Perfecter and a coat of Hard as wraps (Let Dry), I did this to give my nails a sturdy base, since I was doing a gradient the layers of polish would be thin.

I applied a coat of Simply Peel around my nails to protect my skin , then applied a coat of EP Sept 2015 to all my nails, with a makeup sponge I used Sept and Aug to dab on my gradient. Followed by a coat of Seche Vite Quick Dry Top Coat.

So now the complicated part, I used Moyou London’s stamping polish and I think that sometimes it dries too fast on the plate or vinyl and you have to repeat the process far too often, I think I would have saved myself some headache if I used a regular polish.  So the idea here is to used the left over etchings as a “plate” so you follow the same steps you would in normal stamping.

After my nails were stamped, I added some gold foil in some strategic places since I had some areas where the stamp didn’t completely cover and topped my nails with a thick coat of Seche Vive Gel Top Coat.


All in all not a horrible experience and I love I can now use my vinyls from different perspectives and not feel like I wasted something.

Thanks for Reading!



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