New Year Mani: Opal Nails


I wanted to start the new year with something completely different from anything I have ever done before and Opal Nails have been something I was terrified of doing!

I have used multiple brands and finishes to create my masterpiece (insert evil laugh here).

What I used:

  • Enchanted’s
    • Opals & Tutus
    • Bathwater
    • Dope Jam
  • INLP’s
    • Sweet Pea
    • Varsity Jacket
  • Julep Adrian
  • Makeup Sponge
  • Julep Gold Foils
  • Seche Vive & Vite


I started with one coat of Sweet Pea and two coats of Varsity Jacket as my accent nail. If I was feeling lazy another coat of Sweet Pea would have given me a great mani!


So, I forgot to get the in between image of the accent nail transformation, but what I did was on a make up sponge I dotted all the colors and sponged on to the nail. Once I was satisfied with the coloring, I took some more of the Opal & Tutus and sponged that on top of the nail to get more of the opal effect.

For the other nails, I applied a coat of Opals & Tutu and then sponged on the rest as I did with the accent nail.


I then began to randomly apply the pre cut Gold Foil by using a dotting tool and then applied some pressure to make sure the foils laid flat on my nails. I topped it with Seche Vite quick dry top coat and then a coat of Seche Vive Gel top coat.


I feel particularly proud of these guys! and I have found that in indirect light like by the light of my computer in a shaded room there is a spectacular shift of the Opal that looks like the fabled Unicorn Skin!




Thanks for Reading and Happy New Year!





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