My Bliss Kiss: Three Day Nail Oil Challenge

Recently I decided to embark on the My Bliss Kiss 3 day nail hydration challenge, the premise is simple. Go Naked (without polish) for 3 days and saturate your nails with their Simply Pure Nail Oil through out and watch for a miracle! Well not really, but some really great results.  For me it was a nerve racking experience and honestly I’m still rattled.

I started day one with 2 broken nails (right hand pointer and left hand pinky), I had the pinky well wrapped, but on my way to wrap the pointer, a 3 yr old dictator did some acrobatics and…well, RIP pointer.

My cuticles, where not ragged to start with, but were dry from the glitter polish removal of my last mani Under The Sea: Mermaid Nails.

By day two, I had come to terms with my lost digit and cared for it as best possible. The dryness at the tips of my nails started to subside, but the nakedness really got to me. I ended up being too rough and bent my middle finger on my left hand causing a stress fracture. My cuticles however were very well hydrated and no hangnails in sight.

A split on my left hand pointer became more prominent and is still hanging on.

Day Three, my cuticles were practically invisible and my nails were completely hydrated. They felt soft to the touch, the ridges on my nail bed felt lower than at the tips and my broken pointer had some slight growth.


By the time I came home from work that day I quickly retreated to my nail station and made sure to wrap my nails in some pretty polish armor!

FullSizeRender 5

Three nerve racking days with pain and victories, the hardest things for me were, not having my hands in water and forgetting that I couldn’t just stick my hands out to grab anything. Being delicate is something I’m not used to. I noticed that my tips were pretty brittle and full disclosure I have Hypothyroidism and my nails are naturally brittle, which is why I wanted to make sure I hydrated them.

After a week of use, I have noticed that the new growth is coming in shiny and soft. The ridges are less pronounced though I struggle with the brittle tips. I will continue to use the oil as recommended and follow up in a few months.





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