Under The Sea: Mermaid Nails

Google ‘mermaid nails’ and you will find many versions of this mani! This week, I tried two different ways to create mermaid nails and I found both have their share of pros and cons.


I used several brands and finishes to create this gorgeous look.

ILNP Extra Credit (Holo Teal)

Julep Shay (Shimmer blueish green)

Enchanted Polish September 2016 (Shimmer navy)

Julep Tazeen (Gold Flecks)

Sinful Colors Black on Black


After applying two coats of the black and topping it with a coat of Seche Vite, I started on the mermaid decals using my Twinkled_t Glamour mat and Mermaid vinyls.


I then used a sponge to dab on all three blues. I applied two coats of the blues applying the colors in random order on the sponge. Once it was  opaque, I dabbed on specks of  gold.


I then peeled the stencil and applied a coat of top coat and let it dry, repeating 4 times. Once dry, I applied the decals to my right hand, this way both hands were neat.

Warning: The clean up was a chore, and with these colors I still have glitter on my hands!


For my left hand, I decided to apply the vinyl directly to my nail and use liquid latex to minimize the mess.


Then used the same sponging method of application.


Finally, I peeled off the vinyls and applied a thick coat of Seche Vive Gel Top coat. This method allowed for a more opaque glitter finish, but the vinyls caused the polish to clump on the edges of the nail. You must be careful when peeling the vinyls! (patience,patience,patience).

All and all a gorgeous finish!




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