Julep: Royal Suite Collection 

When I heard about this collection, I stopped what I was doing and bought two!

First off, Julep had my namesake in this collection and Second, Julep did H💿L💿!

Once they arrived, I loved 5 of the 6.

Anastasia: A scattered holo, the color a squishy red, shines beautifully in the sun.

Kingsley: A beautiful royal blue with a whole lot of holo!

Yvette:  The reason I bought the collection! For a girl who loves blue and could never find a key chain, pen, or mug with her name on it, this makes up for it all!

Yvette is a beautiful Teal Holo with a jelly base.

Jojo: A beautiful red, but not holo.  It can almost pass as candy apple red. It has some flecks of sparkle in it, but still not holo.

This is my least favorite because it’s not a holo. Plus, why have two reds in the same collection?

Larissa: True to her description,  a beautiful Evergreen. The holo is much more present with tons of sparkle!

Finally, Coraline: A  beautiful black jelly holo. I love this one for Holoween, and though I’m not a huge black polish fan, Coraline has captured my dark soul (lol)!

Here are 5 of the colors in the sun light. (L-R: Kingsley, Yvette, Jojo, Larissa, Coraline)

Finally, a collection to call my own!



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