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Better Strength – Bee’s Knees

Happy Friday, Today I bring you Better Strength from Bee's Knees a Elain inspired lavender polish full of opalescent shimmer and iridescent flakes that make it glow with an inner fire. A Better Strength is a light lavender crelly base, filled... Continue Reading →

Glass on Fire – The Prodigal Polish Returns!

Great Lakes Lacquer brought back Glass on Fire for the July PPU Rewind. Glass on Fire was originally released in January of 2018 for the Gemstone Theme of Polish Pickup, I was so sad to have missed this polish the... Continue Reading →

Takko Mystery Bag #2

I've been steadily going through all my Polish Con purchases and here is the last one, I purchased 2 Takko Mystery Bags and this is the second. These are definitely not colors I would choose on my own, but they... Continue Reading →

Opal Minded – Lacquered In White Custom

When I found out Sarah was doing a custom for the Lacquered in white group I was there for it!  Opal Minded is a white opalescent crelly with a bizzilion iridescent flakies! I a sucker for a good opal like... Continue Reading →

Gobstopper Top Coat – Indie Pickup

PRESS SAMPLE Sassy Cats Lacquer will be joining the first Indie Pickup for the month of August where the theme is Musicals, Mora is bringing us a Willy Wonka Inspired Top Coat in a Jawbreaker scent called Everlasting Gobstopper! What... Continue Reading →

Changeling – Bee’s Knees Lacquer

I recently acquired both Changeling and Bitten by a Radioactive Shar Pei from Bee's Knees and while I enjoyed them both separately I LOVE them together! I did a little layering action and I loved how it turned out. I am... Continue Reading →

The 13th Doctor – 1850 Artisan Polish

PRESS SAMPLE 1850 is going Fandom! You heard right! 1850 has gone Fandom. In a Doctor Who themed collection, 1850 is departing from the California inspiration and bringing you a collection of stunning pieces. There's Holo, Multichrome, Shimmer and Lort!... Continue Reading →

California Lovin Indies – 1850 Artisan Polish & Mace Polish

California Lovin Indies is a box conceptualized by Stacy, owner and creator, of Mace Polish (who is now known as Static Polish) celebrating all things California.  This will be a quarterly collaboration and some pretty iconic photos are used as... Continue Reading →

Capture Time – Retro Rewind Custom

I must admit this polish made me move in ways I haven't for a long time! Nail Calisthenics is a thing, any blogger trying to capture all the colors of a multichrome will tell ya! Lindsey created this gorgeous multi... Continue Reading →

Takko Lacquer – Mystery Bag #1

Polish Con Purchase While I was at Polish Con I had some responsibilities, I had a stamping demo I was doing and I was also working a table with a vendor. My eyes kept darting around the room and where... Continue Reading →

Nothing Ends – Lollipop Posse Lacquer

Lollipop Posse Lacquer is slowing gaining space on my polish rack, I picked up this stunner as part of the July Rewind of PPU. Originally released for the October 2017 Mythical Creatures theme, Nothing Ends was the overwhelming request of... Continue Reading →

Narrow Sea – Illyrian Polish

I have just come into the world of Illyrian, I know! I'm sorry! For the month of July PPU (Polish Pick-up) made it a rewind month where brands brought back their most popular and most requested colors for a 2nd... Continue Reading →

Great Lakes Lacquer – Love at the Crown Plaza

Happy Friday! Today I have the VIP polish from Great Lakes Lacquer due to some unforseen issue this beauty was not available at the event, Mariah shipped all the VIP ticket holders their bottle of Love at the Crown Plaza!... Continue Reading →

Rise & Shine Polish Con LE

I bring you today a brand I've been watching for a long time, Rise & Shine Cosmetics! I found them at Polish Con and got these lovely polishes! I also got the VIP exclusive color which I reviewed in my Polish... Continue Reading →

June Fandom Flakies

If you are a flakie lover I bring you the June Fandom Flakies box. This box features Bee's Knees and Night Owl Lacquers with a rotating brand every month. This box also has a monthly theme, for June the theme... Continue Reading →

I Believe in Unicorns Trio – Glisten & Glow

I wandered over to the Glisten & Glow table at Polish Con because I had to wait until the lines calmed down. Once I got there I found a cute Unicorn bag that led me to this trio, the bag... Continue Reading →

MoYou Nail Fashions – Urban Collection Plates

PRESS SAMPLE A couple of months ago I tried this brand of plates and didn't have a great experience with them. I was sent 3 new plates to try from their Urban Collection, I made an error in choosing the... Continue Reading →

Chic Beach Weekend – 1850 Artisan Polish

PRESS SAMPLE 1850 Artisan will be releasing a new trio for the summer, and no they aren't neons! This is a set of stunning neutral creams inspired by ocean ways up and down the coast of California to enhance your... Continue Reading →

Polish Con – The Taryn & Karyn Duo

If you are on the fence about the Taryn & Karyn Duo from Anchors & Heart and Lollipop Posse, let me enable you! I picked up the duo at Polish Con last month and found them both to be stunning!!!... Continue Reading →

Flirtin’ Polish – Polish Con 2018

Today I have 2 polishes from Flirtin' Polish, One I ordered as part of the Road to Polish Con and the other I got as the exclusive at Polish Con. After seeing the owner Sham on a meet the maker... Continue Reading →

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